Hi, we're Pivony!

Customer habits, even the customers themselves, began to change more unexpectedly than ever before. This is why we launched Pivony when the pandemic hit the world. Here's some information about us.

Our Story

Pivony was founded in Delaware, United States in March 2020. Behind Pivony, there is always real people and real stories. Our Founder Emre shaped up the idea of Pivony while investigating public discourse on Brexit referandum in his PhD research project. After completing his studies at MIT Media Lab, he decided to go after Pivony idea. An international product development team came together to build the Pivony's Alpha release. In July 2020, Pivony Alpha release was already being used by an International Telecom company. Version Beta was launched on March 2021. In the same month, Pivony has been backed by Startup Wise Guys. Now, Pivony platform has been used by 100+ marketers from UK, USA, Germany, India, Philippines, Australia and Turkey. As the Pivony Team, we believe success comes from doing the things that excite you. We are passionate to build a world where there is sustainable, healthy communication between consumers, brands, and organizations. This communication can be established only by a deep understanding of consumers. This is where Pivony plays an essential role. Developed to accelerate the data-based decision-making processes of companies, Pivony AI engine has analyzed more than 122 million customer feedbacks.

We work remotely from the day zero

Pivony cares about your customers, and so should you. The best companies claim to be customer centric, yet so many really analyse what their customers say about their brand and products. Even less take appropriate action. This startup has a long road of growth and development ahead. And we want to be by their side on this adventure.
Mariia Tintul
Head of Business Development, Startup Wise Guys
We believe that the most basic human need is "to be understood well". By using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, we provide an excellent platform for brands and companies to understand their customers and the market with no efforts.
Emre Calisir
Founder and CEO

Emre Çalışır

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