Pivony: Cutting Edge AI-Powered Customer Understanding Platform for Brands and Companies

With ever-evolving technology comes ever-evolving consumer beliefs and behaviors. To keep up with these changes, companies must leverage deep consumer insights with speed and efficiency. With Pivony TopicScope, we provide a platform which uncovers these valuable insights through the vast processing capabilities of artificial intelligence, thereby enabling and empowering companies to take fast decisive action based on those insights. 

Customer Service, User Experience Researchers, Marketing and Product Development professionals using Pivony can track time-based participation vs time-based sentiment levels, along with detailed sentiment and intent analysis of consumer reviews. Access to these types of insights can help increase growth, ensure continued business relevancy and user satisfaction. 

One of Pivony’s greatest advantages is that it is integrated with all of the data platforms where customers share their experiences, including social media, app reviews, customer complaint websites, customer service tickets (Zendesk), and livechats. Therefore, with Pivony, companies can enjoy the convenience of having all their consumer feedback analyzed and categorized in one place. Additionally, Pivony users also can upload internally collected data, call center conversations, chatbot conversations, surveys, and emails. 

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, it takes only 3 clicks to create a TopicBoard! Let AI-powered TopicScope discover the undiscovered trends for you, with advanced topic exploration and deep-dive topic analysis. TopicBoards are tailor-made, dynamic, and continuously updated with fresh data. Companies using TopicScope are always in the know, being alerted via email with the latest submitted reviews and emerging topics. Be on the pulse. Join the AI revolution today.

We believe that the most basic human need is "to be understood well". By using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, we provide an excellent platform for brands and companies to understand their customers faster and simpler.
Emre Calisir
Founder and CEO

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