Are you a creative agency with multiple clients? From a creative marketing agency’s perspective, social intelligence is invaluable. Even more so than social listening which has become the regular at this point. Social intelligence will give you an edge that will take your insights to the next level. And it’s critical for a multitude of reasons.



1. Understand Your Customer’s Customers With Social Intelligence

Now more than ever, consumers are expressing their opinions online. Both positive and negative, 90% of consumers are more likely to post about their experiences with brands. These opinions are what creative marketing agencies are tackling.

  • Pivony’s AI-generated TopicBoards can immediately spot the most talked about topics around your clients’ brands and products.
  • But this isn’t the only function of TopicBoards. Different from social listening tools, Pivony adds a layer of intelligence on this data.
  • You will also see what topics are talked about together, how closely related some conversations are and more.
  • With the boost Pivony provides, you can help build a more genuine bridge between your clients and their consumers.

2. Track Your Success

  • Do you carry out social media campaigns? How do you measure your success? And how precise is your measurement?
  • Pivony will immediately let you know how audiences on different platforms are perceiving your campaign by doing a comprehensive sentiment analysis.
  • For the sake of even more sensitive measurement, Pivony shows you the breakpoints of when the sentiment changes and around what keywords.

3. Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

  • As you can track your own clients’ consumers and brand reputation as well as your own success, so can you track those vital metrics for your competitors and your clients’ competitors.
  • The intelligence you can get for yourself, you can also gather about your competitors which will give you an edge like no other.

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