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Pivony will become your go-to tool for business intelligence analysis that will help you with everything from customer segmentation to gathering market insights.


of consumers expect immediate response when they have a customer service question


of businesses think they’re customer-centric but only


of their customers agree


consumers are now more likely to post about their experiences with brands

Whenever a new product or feature released, your customers will expect their questions immediately answered. Pivony segments the customers based on their needs, complaints and more. You can reach whichever segment you want in a heartbeat with e-mails and more.

“Your Brand isn’t what you say it is — it is what Google says it is” as put by Chris Anderson and he couldn’t be more right. Pivony will let you know about your brand perception in detail and in real time on the media platform of your liking with dashboards and push mails to keep you always on top of it. Let Pivony’s intelligence help you grow with marketing.

Pivony lets you see, in real time and with AI-based categorisation of the conversation, what your customers are liking and hating on social media and reviews with exceptional sentiment analysis, letting you take immediate action and avoid taking a hit.

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