Sr. Data Scientist

About Pivony

Pivony, the promising AI-Driven Insights and Marketing Startup has been recently qualified to the ITU Cekirdek 2020 Big-Bang Semi-Final, granted the Tubitak BIGG 1512 fund, and received a pre-seed investment from Startup Wise Guys.

Pivony is a B2B SaaS platform offering a set of applications designed to solve specific problems of companies and organizations.

Pivony’s recently launched platform enables Business professionals to obtain actionable insights from a variety of data sources in minutes without the need of having a knowledge of AI.

With Pivony, Business professionals can easily find answers to the questions “What is being talked about my brand, products, services, and competitors, and how?” with the power of Big Data & AI. On the same platform, they can turn their insights into marketing actions instantly.

Pivony is looking for a passionate and talented candidate to be positioned as Data Scientist.

Experience & Key skills:

  • Having an academic degree (BS.c.) in a quantitative discipline is a must.
  • Basic knowledge in the theories and practices of Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Topic Modeling, Word Embeddings, Neural Language Models, Sentiment Analysis
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken) is required,
  • Being a team player and working effectively with the remote Pivony team
  • Data-oriented, eager-to-learn, problem-solving and self-driven personality is a requirement


Note: Please provide your GitHub profile link while applying for the position.

You may send your resume to

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