Fintech Insights Discovery with Pivony

Listen to the Signal in the Noise

A slight increase/decrease in currencies or any platform-specific problem may cause wide discussions in online social media sources, Twitter, App Store, Google Play. It becomes highly challenging to extract insights in these times since there’s too much data to deal with and there are many bullying and automated bot users. With TopicScope, you can filter out the noise and focus your attention on the key conversation topics, so that you can discover the different areas of public discourse and take the right actions at right time

Reply to the Complaining Customers Instantly

Do your customers complain about your products and services and you don’t communicate with them? In Pivony, you can quickly discover who is complaining through Pivony Intent Prediction Engine, and reply to users instantly.

Discover Which Issues Decrease Your App Rating The Most

It’s great to target for a 5-star rating. However, some of the areas may reduce your overall rating. With Pivony, you can quickly discover these areas, fix the problems, and ask the same audience to give you a better rating

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