Getir x IsteGelsin x Migros


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This article is about the comparison of last-mile delivery companies operating in Turkey. Actually, Getir has started to operate in USA and Europe being the Turkish Unicorn. SanalMarket is owned by one of the largest grocery stores in Turkey called as Migros. And finally, one of the newest startups in this industry, IsteGelsin. The are in a huge competition and that’s why we wanted to prepare a guidance for you based on real customer feedbacks of these companies.

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By analyzing the Android app users’ reviews with Pivony TopicScope, we discovered that Getir stands out with fast delivery and affordable prices, but it falls behind its competitors in terms of applying campaign codes and customer support.

Getir customers complains about using the poromotion coupons defined in their accounts.These complains decrease Getir Average Rating 2.55 to 5.

Let’s continue with another application , Migros Sanal Market application is easy to use and focused on customer satisfaction. However, orders can be canceled due to stock problems in some regions. Also, using a credit card for payment is the only option.

These one payment option decrease the customer satisfaction.Migros Sanal Average Rating .

And last analysis Istegelsin stands out from its competitors with its delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables. Users are pleased that their orders arrive fresh and on time. The lack of a payment option at the door and the problems experienced during the return process is a negative effect.

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