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Let Pivony gather social engagement data, turn it into intelligence and show you into the minds of your customers. Finally understand social media analytics. Let data help you in marketing for growth.


of consumers are now more likely to post about their experiences with brands

2 in 3

consumers say social media influences their purchases

Marketers who invest in analytics boost their sales targets by


After launching a new campaign, understanding the response over engagement insights is now easier than ever. Pivony presents to you a detailed sentiment analysis of your target audience on the social media platform of your liking as well as the associated topics to track the conversation around your brand.

Pivony doesn’t only let you know how people feel about your brand but also segments the customers based on their needs, complaints and more. You can reach whichever segment you want in a heartbeat with e-mails and more.

“Your Brand isn’t what you say it is — it is what Google says it is” as put by Chris Anderson and he couldn’t be more right. Pivony will let you know about your brand perception in detail and in real time on the media platform of your liking with dashboards and push mails to keep you always on top of it. Let Pivony’s intelligence help you grow with marketing.

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