Deliveroo Brand Report

How Deliveroo can break through the competition?

Food Delivery Apps’ are the new shining stars of mobile applications. There is no doubt that the industry is highly competitive with players such as Zomato, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Especially, the rise of pandemic led to an increase in these applications usage, which brings more user reviews to the table. Deliveroo is one of the most popular food delivery app, but do we know how Deliveroo users perceive the app? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Deliveroo? Who is the target audience of Deliveroo? How can Deliveroo compete more strategically with other brands?


In this example, Pivony’s AI engine eliminated irrelevant reviews and analyzed 10,432 user reviews from Google Play Store. Deliveroo’s Google Play Store score is 4.48 out of 5, but do you think their customers’ sentiment and intent of making comments are stable, in such a competitive environment?


Pivony analyzes various conversations from a selected platform (in this example, we focus on Google Play Reviews of Deliveroo users) and gives detailed information about:


  • The intent of Deliveroo customers’ reviews on Google Play Store
  • Top words and hot terms used by Deliveroo customers while writing their review
  • The overall and detailed sentiment scores about reviews and how the sentiment score has changed over-time.
  • The industry-specific sentiment performance of Deliveroo among its competitors.
  • The number of Deliveroo customers’ affected from every single conversation topic.
  • The insights on how Deliveroo can compete more strategically.


You can learn all of these in detail, simply by downloading our brand report on “How Deliveroo can break through the competition?”.

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