H&M Brand Report

What do H&M customers expect from the mobile shopping app?

The outbreak of pandemic has changed the way we consume. Mobile applications have gained great popularity, especially with the pandemic. H&M is one of the leading fast-fashion brands in the world. Do you know how H&M customers’ experience has changed with the pandemic? What actions did H&M take? What are the strengths and weaknesses of H&M during this period? How did H&M compete with other fast-fashion brands during the pandemic? 


In this example, Pivony’s AI engine eliminated irrelevant reviews and analyzed 9,400 user reviews from Google Play Store. H&M’s Google Play Store score is 4.78 out of 5, but do you think their customers’ sentiment and intent remained the same during the pandemic? 


Pivony analyzes various conversations from a selected platform (in this example, we focus on Google Play Reviews of H&M mobile app users) and gives detailed information about:


  • The intent of H&M customers’ reviews on Google Play Store
  • Top words and hot terms used by H&M customers while writing their review
  • The overall and detailed sentiment scores about reviews and how the sentiment score has changed over-time.
  • The industry-specific sentiment performance of H&M among its competitors.
  • The number of H&M customers’ affected from every single conversation topic.
  • The strengths H&M can highlight via marketing campaigns.
  • The weaknesses of H&M that are improvable.


You can learn all of these in detail, simply by downloading our brand report “What do H&M customers expect from the mobile shopping app?”

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