Strava: Key Insights

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We analyzed Strava App Store reviews with Pivony Topicscope.

Strava is an internet service for tracking human exercise which incorporates social network features. It is mostly used for cycling and running using GPS data.

Strava currently has 76 million users and reportedly adds one million every month.


The main elements of Strava breakdown as follows: recording your activity, your feed, your training and performance, routes and segments, and finally challenges. Strava also has a heatmap of your training while some features are more prominent on the website than they are in the app.

Fitness tracking is an interesting side of the analysis that basically takes your training load and relative effort to gauge your daily training and model the effect it has.

What TopicScope Discovered About Strava?

“Politics” is the first topic we want to mention. In this subject, it is observed that a co-founder’s discourses affect the user base.

Users are unhappy to see policy-related posts in Strava, so they say they will cancel their membership. They just want to run-run-run.

We talked about the Thoughts on Strava getting “politicial”. Now let’s pass on another interesting topic that there are UX complaints after the update in August.

Obviously, these update make users’ mood down. It’s not surprising that the average rating of this subject is only 2.25 over 5.

There are many other interesting controversial topics as well, “Response” for example. It’s about the Strava Support Service. People are upset with the support team not responding to users messages.

As you can see in the comments, Strava creates a user experience by offering its users a competitive environment. Our easy simple to use platform has shown the pain points of Strava that any competitor can use to create or make their app better with less churn rate and more retention rate.

With Pivony Topicscope, even for non-experts, it’s very straightforward to obtain these insights.

By clicking on this link, you can observe the topics without having a Pivony account. By creating an account, you can analyze your competitors, see their strengths and weaknesses, revisit your company strategy, and develop new ideas for monetization and user retention.

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