AI-Powered Pivony TopicScope Platform

Observe what your customers talking about on different topics, analyze and take actions.

1. Choose your Data

Customer Data Discovery

Activate your internally collected customer review data. Zendesk Tickets, Call Center data, NPS Verbatims, or any other data source. It’s very easy to work on your data. All you need to do is to upload your data in a supported format. Pivony TopicScope makes the rest.

Social Web Discovery

There is a variety of data platforms your customers may talk about your product and services. Mobile App reviews, Instagram posts, Tweets, Online Customer Complaint Website reviews, and many others…  With Pivony TopicScope, you will discover the key conversation topics for any app in the market in minutes.

Want to see an example? 

Check out this TopicBoard

2. Now you can see your AI-Powered TopicBoard

Discover Key Conversation Topics

Pivony TopicScope uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to extract conversation topics.

We call it TopicBoard, the best way of representing conversation topics. The closer they are positioned on the screen, the closer their semantical meanings to each other

3. Deep dive into Topics


Get your Insights easily


Totally learned from data, see the common and niche group of words representing topics


In Topic-level, single review-level or Overall, analyze the sentiment and track over time


What your customers really want to say? Is this a complaint, an appraisal or a suggestion?


Still a lot to learn from reviews, checking the the most relevant ones will be enough to decide how to act.

They have the same expactations from your product and services

Create Target User Groups

Did you find a group of people complaining about the same issue, or expecting a new service?

Create segments as many you want, and take actions instantly.

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