What do Gamers Want from FreeFire Mobile Game?

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We analyzed FreeFire Google Play reviews with Pivony Topicscope.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen mobile games break records and make billions in revenue. Hitting these numbers, it’s no secret the mobile game market is booming 🌋.

Convient, simple and fun, more and more players are using mobile devices. Plus, it allows them to play wherever they are, which can’t be said for desktop or consoles.

What was true about gamers just a couple of years ago is vastly different now. The mobile game market is constantly changing. You can easily catch constantly changing player requests with Pivony and take quick actions.

If you’re a game developer or a mobile game marketer you need to know the mobile gaming industry inside out. That includes keeping up with the trends and having an in-depth knowledge of the mobile game market. It’s the only way to make informed decisions.

That’s why you need to check out your mobile game comments on social platforms.You’ll find out all the important information about what your customer’s want in your game. By transforming feedbacks into actionable insights, you can increase gamers’ retention, generate more revenue, and build better game concepts.

Insights brought to you by Pivony TopicScope bring out some interesting facts of one of the most downloaded games “free fire”.

Free Fire by Garena is a battle royale gaming application that was released in 2017. The game became the most downloaded mobile game in 2019 and now it has more than 500+ million users worldwide. The popularity of the game caught our attention and we decided to analyze its Google Play comments by Pivony TopicScope.

In this blog, we will discover more about this game user experience, key factors affecting satisfaction vs anger and frustration of gamers.

With 8+ million daily recorded activities, we found many interesting, yet intriguing insights. But hold on a second let’s have a quick overview of the data. Android gamers, frequently share their reactions in the Play store. For one month, there is almost 1 million reviews posted by 780k gamers. Huge amount of data isn’t it?

When it comes to extracting insights about what gamers want, it’s almost impossible to deal with such a huge amount of free-text data.

That’s how Pivony TopicScope steps into the game and draws your attention ⚠ to the key discussion topics. Let’s have a look at the AI-based discovered topics.

There are many topics, but we want to share the most interesting ones for us. “Monetary Expectations” is the first topic we want to mention. In this subject, gamers have a tendency to make new suggestions to the Garena team (Developer of FreeFire) in terms of making more fun during the game.

When we filter the Intent keeping only the Suggestions, and filtering the Sentiment as including the only Positively spoken reviews, we see that there are 224 gamers requesting more events in a gentle way as a strategy of getting more diamonds. They miss the old days when there were more events..

Trends view enables us to observe the participation in this subject.

We talked about the monetary expectations. Now let’s pass on another interesting topic that reflects the balance problem of FreeFire. Chrono and Wukong abilities. What we see is that the overpowering of the characters creates an imbalance in the game.

Obviously, these characters make gamers’ mood down. It’s not surprising that the average rating of this subject is only 2.7 over 5.

People are not excited, right? Maybe Garena is doing this intentionally for the game economy. We can’t know since we don’t work in the Garena Strategy team. The thing we’re trying to show here is how easy with Pivony to discover the key factors affecting the gaming experience.

There are many other interesting controversial topics as well, Skins&Guns for example. Again, it’s about the FreeFire Game Economy. People are upset with the limitations they have as a free user.

Now, let’s navigate to the TopicBoard to analyze other topics.

  • Gamers want the zombie invasion mode that was before to come back, because of these reasons some of the gamers delete this game and vote decrease points.
  • The game has created a common platform with the Attack on Titan and One Punch Man anime. Although there is an audience that does not like it, 50% are satisfied with it and they expected news like this.
  • We noticed that 9295 users left a review about the “Bugs” in the game. These negative reviews also reduced the game’s rating decrease on GooglePlay 3.01 out of 5.

As you can see in the comments, FreeFire creates a gamer experience by offering its users a competitive environment. Our easy simple to use platform has shown the pain points of Free Fire that any competitor can use to create or make his game better with less churn rate and more retention rate.

With Pivony Topicscope, even for non-experts, it’s very straightforward to obtain these insights.

By clicking on this link, you can observe the topics without having a Pivony account. By creating an account, you can analyze your competitors, see their strengths and weaknesses, revisit your game strategy, and develop new ideas for monetization and user retention.

You don’t need an account to see topics just hit the link below.


If you are into it be sure that creating an account will help you analyze your competitors, be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, you can revisit your game strategy, and make data-driven decisions about your monetization and user retention.

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