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What Makes Social Intelligence Different Than Social Listening?

The Rise of Social Intelligence Tools

Since the early rise of Twitter, social listening tools have become very popular for brands. By using these tools, companies, brands, market research companies and organizations can follow up what’s being talked about regarding any specific keyword or topic. While these tools are frequently used by many companies, there is also a downside to using social listening tools: The challenge of finding insights that matter for the businesses. Since these tools are only gathering all available data together and not putting any real meaning on them, it is very time consuming for companies to understand the specific demands without reading all the social media posts one by one. Since this activity is not feasible for the decision-makers, they delegate this to the social media support teams, agents. The delegation of understanding the customers possess a big risk due to the fact that decision-makers are becoming way too far from the customers, and they only rely on the biased and human-errored summary data created by support agents.

How to Do a Competitor Analysis?

The world is more competitive than ever for the companies. In this competition, the ones who
– Understand real customer expectations
– Develop new ideas
– Test their ideas over audiences by looking at how they are perceived
– Act faster than others
– Are taking initiatives within the organizations to be a reliable and data-driven business leader

can make the big differences and innovations.

Intelligence and Speed

So what makes social intelligence platforms more valuable than social listening tools? There are two big differences among many: Intelligent algorithms and the speed to capturing insights. Imagine an automated AI engine that reads the reviews for you, finds out what the key issues are, extracts new opportunities and makes it available for you. This becomes possible thanks to the recent advancements in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Probabilistic Topic Models, Neural Language Models and many other sub-fields of AI. The essential part of the Social Intelligence Platforms are their capability of understanding human-generated data in the most accurate and fastest way.

Pivony Social Insights and Engagement Platform

The SaaS -subscription-based- Social Insights and Engagement platform Pivony makes these technologies available to its users. Without knowing anything about AI, capturing insights for your business are just 3 clicks away. Using Pivony, you can save 90% of time and make more than 3x revenue by taking the right actions at the right time.

Pivony granted the Research and Science Fund from TUBITAK, and is a portfolio company of Startup Wise Guys, the largest B2B SaaS Accelerator of Europe. The Founder of Pivony Emre Calisir, has 11 granted patents, 6 international research papers, and has a primary focus of understanding human generated text data. He worked as a Data Science Expert at Vodafone, PhD Researcher at Polytechnic University of Milan and MIT Media Lab.

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Emre Calisir

Founder and Chief Insight Officer @Pivony

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