Why Pivony TopicScope?

We are living in the fast growing big data age. At every step of our daily life, intentionally or unintentionally, we are dropping our digital footprints everywhere. Our preferences, habits, opinions and feedback… These are so valuable information for companies and brands when they’re trying to figure out the needs and expectations of their existing or potential customers. All this information is partially collected from various channels and very less of it is used for insights and actioning. 

Considering the volume, velocity and variety of data, it’s not a trivial task to process and transform big data to actionable insights. However, with the advance of Big Data technologies and AI algorithms, companies and brands have yet started to generate these insights. 

Pivony is a very effective SaaS platform enabling these technologies. By using Pivony TopicScope application, companies and brands can directly focus on the key conversation topics that matter most for their business. 

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