Why Should You Use Pivony To Get Customer Insights About Your Product?

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As we all know, business life is filled with challenges. The product that you have been working on for a long time may decrease in value, or even, be vanquished while everything was on its way a week before. The most known entrepreneurs, the most experienced business people usually make situation analysis to improve their product. The whole point of these efforts is paying attention to the changing voice of the customer and adjusting themselves accordingly.

These may all seem familiar to you. After all, everyone aims to understand their customer with a unique method. The question is, how do you understand your customers? Are you aware of what your customers think about your product? Would you like to have the opportunity to learn what your customers think with only three clicks?

Let me introduce John. John is a marketing manager in a corporate telecommunication firm. He has been complaining about the decrease in their sales numbers and can not figure out why their rating on App Store has been falling lately. To understand what mistake they’ve been doing, he needs to read thousands of comments, take notes, and draw statistics from the customer feedback data. The biggest mistake of John is that he spends very much time and effort to understand customer behavior. If John had met Pivony, he would analyze the data in a very short time thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, and direct his effort and time to take the necessary marketing actions, which is his real job. Thus, he and his team would successfully complete the evolution of their product.

What is Pivony?

Pivony is a technological platform that helps you discover conversation topics and analyze insights from user experience data, which is provided by the firms’ own database or external environments like Twitter, Google Play, App Store. With Pivony, you can evaluate your customer satisfaction level, find out what they would like, and develop a marketing strategy accordingly. Since Pivony products utilize Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, you can make your analysis with only three clicks, without having to read thousands of customer feedback data. Now, it’s time to spend the saved time and effort to improve your product and develop a new marketing strategy.

Let’s give an ear to John again. John has just learned, within a minute, that his customers are unhappy with their campaigns and the coverage area range, while they are satisfied with the technical support that they receive. John and his team gathered to discuss what they need to do to fix their mistakes. John is on cloud nine since he was so quickly able to figure out the problem and develop a marketing strategy accordingly.

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