Identify Root Causes of Customer Complaints on Zendesk Tickets and Live Chat

When it comes to analyze your internally collected tickets and live chat conversations, Pivony is your master tool. Integrate in one click and broaden your perspective.


of customers tell their friends and family about a great customer experience they received


of customers expect immediate response when they have a customer service related question.


of businesses think they’re customer-centric but only


of their customers agree

Pivony takes all of your internal data and applies cutting edge intent detection and sentiment analysis algorithms to show you who is complaining about what about your app. 90% of people are more likely to post reviews about their negative experiences about customer service. Customers care a whole lot about reviews and 86% hesitate to purchase when they see a negative one. Integrating your Zendesk  with Pivony will help keep the 86%.

90% percent of customers now expect immediate response to a problem they might be facing in your app. With Pivony, you don’t need multiple people standing alert looking for possible problems. Pivony’s topic detection will let you know of the problem people are talking about. Save your efforts, your time and save yourself the hassle.

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