Meet Pivony: AI-Powered Cutting Edge Technology

pivony product layers

Customer Data Extraction & Integration

  • Pivony is integrated with Twitter, Instagram, Google Play, App Store, Zendesk tickets and live chats. And the integration flows like clockwork.
  • All you need is to authorize Pivony to get data on behalf of your accounts using officially provided APIs.
  • For Twitter as an example, you need to provide your Twitter API access tokens.
  • The integration is only done once.
  • From then on, you don’t need to move a finger. Just pick what keywords you’re interested in and provide a timeframe.
Customer Data Extraction & Integration​
using natural language processing to get insights from major platform

AI-Based Technology & NLP and NLU

  • Pivony’s technolgy is not magic, but it feels a whole lot like it. Here’s a snippet of what happens to the data we extract:
  • Sentiment analysis: We are able to identify Positive and Negative sentiment and the evolution of customer feeling over time.
  • Topic detection: We extract the hotly debated topics through unique modelling algorithms.
  • Semantic Search: We carry out advanced keyword searches using deep learning models.
  • We are also using NLU (natural language understanding) for intent detection.


  • Now that we completely analyzed all the data you were curious about, we don’t leave it at that.
  • Say you wanted to immediately reach out to a group. Our platform allows you to choose many dimensions to create audience groups.
  • You can use commonly debated topics combined with the sentiment, intent at a specific time range as a technique to group customers into different segments.
customer insights and segmentation
communication with email


  • Once we present you with the options to segment your audience, Pivony also presents multiple communication channels whether that be e-mails or replying directly from platforms like App Store and Google Play.
  • You can pick a specific group from the analysis you have and communicate with them without using another tool.

Expert Insights

  • Going through these steps starting from data extraction, we arrive at insights, the gems that will boost your business, help you understand your customers and always be not one but multiple steps ahead of your competitors.
  • From our user friendly interface, you can explore all the analysis at note down your insights to base your actions on.
expert insights


TopicBoards are where you can see the results of topic detection specific to the data source of your choice. Here you can see the main topics of conversation around your brand/product/competitor.

Sentiment Analysis

Pivony team is very Pythonic and latest technology-driven, we are consistently improving our algorithms capabilities by using the latest deep learning models to give you the most accurate depiction of your audience. You can also explore deeper which individuals have what sentiment.

Expert Insights

The insights generated will benefit you in countless ways. But it will make you unstoppable in competitor analysis, market research and getting into the minds of your customers.