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$ 65 per month, billed annually or $ 85 month-to-month
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$ 95 per month, billed annually or $ 130 month-to-month
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By having a Free account you can familiarize yourself with Pivony Platform and capture insights for your business

By having a yearly renewing subscription, you pay less compared to the monthly subscription. And be ready for 1-1 calls with Pivony Expert Insights Team! 

Depending on your country and your status (individual or a company), an additional VAT may be applied in the checkout process. If you’re a business entity, don’t forget to specify your VAT code at the time of purchase.

You may have different channels where your customers are expressing their opinions about your products and services. Customer feedbacks data refers to this type of data. Basically what you need to do is to prepare a file containing all of the customer feedbacks and upload to the Pivony TopicScope at the stage of TopicBoard creation. 

If you upload only the textual comments, you will have the topics. However, for enabling additional options but the trend analysis, segmentation, and email marketing will not be provided. 

Date: If your file also contains a date column for each customer feedback, you may see the trend analysis both volumetric and sentiment-level.

Unique Identifier: Additionally, if you add a unique identifier for each customer feedback, you may create new segments for later action-taking. (i.e. Running a promotion campaign to a specific group of your customers who express their opinions in a negative way on the pricing topic)

Email: Getting useful and actionable insights is just the beginning; Action-taking is so critical for your business. Email marketing feature of Pivony TopicScope lets you prepare & send custom emails to your segments easily.

Customer Business Segment: In your CRM, your customers may be categorized based on their business value: Low fidelity customers, high-segment customers, and so on. When you provide this data in an anonymous format (from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest segment and 1 is the lowest), you can have a new data dimension. This allows you to keep your focus on the specific business segment that matters most for your business.




A TopicBoard is a tailor-made specially designed Dashboard of Pivony TopicScope, allowing you to deep-dive into topics and take actions in the easiest way.

Creating a TopicBoard is easy, you upload your data, specify the columns and click to the Create button.TopicBoard creation is an on-demand process, which means the AI is trained with your data and discovers customer topics only based on the data provided by you. Pivony fully automated Data and AI engine will handle everything for you. You will get notified when your TopicBoard is ready.

Every month, you have a limited number of TopicBoards to create. At the end of each month of your membership, the quota of your active membership will be renewed.

For Enterprises, we offer larger packs, Managed Services and Expert Insights. Drop us an email. Our Sales team will get back in touch with you.

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